One of my co-workers and his wife recently had identical twin boys. As exciting as that is I can only imagine how much work that is! I thought it might be helpful to have a little reminder around about what a blessing those little boys are. Congratulations!


Lego Labels

Some might call me crazy, but I like to label things. I saw on an organizing blog many moons ago using this Ikea shelving system to sort and store legos. Having three boys means we have plenty of those around here! I almost went the boring route of doing the colors in word form...enter Star Wars Ding Bat fonts and I quickly changed my mind.
Darth Vader represents each of the colors. I still need to do a purple one for the top drawer, but the rest are done. Han Solo and his blaster are labeling the drawer for all those lego figures and their accessories. The Storm Trooper helmet is for those oddly shaped Hero Factory legos.
Yes, that is a Millennium Falcon made out of legos and yes I also labeled their toy drays in a Star Wars font. The room has never stayed "cleaner!"


FHE Chalk board

I can only take credit for actually cutting the vinyl on this one! I was asked to help a friend out with her Relief Society's annual Fabulous Friday craft. When I saw her inspiration I was happy to oblige! They cut this huge board out of MDF that her husband then routed the edges of. So much fun!


Some recent projects

Who couldn't use a little daily reminder about what really matters when they're getting ready in the morning? That Audrey Hepburn was one classy lady!
My fabulous sister will never be able to forget her wedding date now!


Baby Boys

I had so much fun with this sign. I love the way it turned out...not too girly, but still cute!

"Such a big miracle in such a little boy"
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